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Tips on Using Cash for Gold Services

You know the routine, you get a kit in the mail, send out your gold jewelry, and get paid out immediately. It’s that easy, right? Unfortunately it’s not always that straightforward with regards to choosing an honest cash for gold company, particularly if you are looking to do it all online.

Selling gold jewelry to make extra money during this bad economy can be somewhat humiliating. Nonetheless, it is vital that you keep in mind the next bit of advice if you are looking for a company to do business with.

Make sure to read the fine print. This can’t be mentioned enough. There are typically parts of the terms of use which include expensive situations to get out of if you agree to use their service. This is particularly true with internet cash for gold businesses. These may include over charged shipping and handling, or potential issues with getting back the items they didn’t consider valuable. Before saying yes to anything, make sure you understand the particulars of the process and how it will work. Of course, if anything feels off, don’t work with them.

Get referrals from friends and colleagues. It’s tough to find many people on the internet that do not have a hidden agenda and are simply trying to make a quick dollar. However, when you ask your friends, co-workers, or other associates to determine if anybody you know has worked with a cash for gold business, it is a lot more helpful than having someone you don’t know tell you. That way you get honest testimonies and actual recommendations.

Know the current value of gold in your country. These businesses need to make money the same as everyone else and because of this they will likely not offer you gram for gram the exact price that gold is being traded for. Regardless, it is important that you research gold prices in your country and are familiar with the gold market if you wish to ensure the greatest price. This will ensure you are not scammed out of the real value of your jewelry.

The age of the company matters. Finding a company’s age is usually easier to do with a local business as opposed to an internet business. That said, it is important whatever the kind of company you discover to check and find out the amount of time they have been in business. A common practice for those who are trying to scam others would be to form one new business after another. It’s crucial that you find and use a cash for gold company which has been around the block for some time and can also verify they know what they’re doing.

Disregard the above tips at your own risk. If you decide to do this it’ll likely result in a lower amount of cash received plus more risk. However, if you want the very best return on your jewelry, make sure you carry out the appropriate due diligence, as there are lots of things to think about when selecting what company to work with.

Five Unique Ways When You Need To Make Money Fast

Sometimes the need to make money fast arises and you don’t know where to turn. There are payday loans and part-times jobs, but sometimes you need to make money and already have a busy enough schedule. While there are tried and true solutions when you need to make money fast, most of those require substantial effort, time, and commitment.

Here are five sure fire easy ways to help you when you need to make money fast.

• Rent Your Driveway: If you live in an urban area and need to make money fast, consider renting out precious parking space to needy motorists. Depending on the area, spots can go for as much as $400 dollars per month. Thanks to sites like, renting your driveway or parking spot when you need to make money fast has just gotten easier.

• Sell Your Brain Power: When companies cannot or don’t have the resources to program computers to compile the information they need, they turn to sites like Amazon Mechanical Turk to find people to perform low level tasks when they need to make money fast. This is a great resource when you have some spare time and need to make money fast because you can start immediately and fit it in around your schedule. The site pays you out when you have a minimum of $10 dollars.

Sell Your Gold: While selling gold for cash is a fairly common way to help out when you need to make money fast, most of the companies you are familiar with offer a mail in program. Try finding a gold dealer in your area when you need to make money fast like one of the many pawn shops in Oklahoma City that pays cash on the spot for all kinds of metals and coins.

• Sell Stuff In Traffic: This idea requires a small amount of start-up cash but has the potential to have a huge return on investment and satisfies your need to make money fast. You can sell a variety of items from bottled water to t-shirts to motorists stuck in gridlock traffic. This is the definition of a captive audience so put on your best salesman’s hat when you need to make money fast this way.

• Sell Your Name: We all see those popup ads wanting us to fill out contests, but whoever thought that would satisfy your need to make money fast? Sites like Cash Crate offer pay in exchange for you filling out sponsored offers. The pay can range anywhere from $.10 to $20 depending on which offer you fill out. Like with Amazon’s Mechanical Turks, this can be started immediately and fit in around any schedule. This site pays you out when you have a minimum of $20.

There are many alternatives to payday loans when you need make money fast. Depending on your needs, these ideas may help to make money fast or just give you some extra spending cash when you need it.