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Silver Coin Dealers in Canada

When you want to find the best silver coin dealers in Canada, you will have to use every resource available to your full advantage. This means taking the time to go online and look around so you will be able to find the very best silver coin dealers Canada can offer. In this country you will be able to find hundreds if not thousands of different individuals and companies which specialize in selling and buying silver coins. You will need to look carefully at some of the silver dealers in your area before you can buy from any of them though.

Silver coins can be worth a whole lot of money after a while so they make a great investment, but you will have to know which ones to purchase and from where. You will only be able to find the best silver coin dealers Canada can offer after taking a long look at what some of your options are like. Keep in mind that you should always know just what you are buying, because the last thing you will want is to waste your money on a coin that won’t earn you very much in the future.

Those who are currently looking for the best coin dealers in the area should certainly think about using the internet as much as possible. Online you will be able to do lots of research into these dealers until you can find one in particular to buy from. Anyone who is interested in buying silver coins should also consider the fact that it will be crucial to know the person you are buying from and what kind of a reputation they have overall. The more you know about this person or company the better you can feel about buying silver coins from them.

Because there are so many silver coin dealers in Canada, you will have to make every effort to find the best one in your immediate area. This means doing everything possible to locate a company or individual dealer who has a good reputation when it comes to selling silver coins. You will want to think about going online and doing some browsing if you are looking for a specific type of silver coin, because going around from place to place in your area can be fairly time consuming and may not yield any results at all.

How To Buy Silver At a Discount

As a young child, I was attracted to old silver coins because they looked and felt so different than the shiny coins with copper centers.  Since I was born in the 1961, there was still a fair amount of junk silver coins available for the taking.  Just about every dime, quarter, and half dollar contained real silver.  Had I known this, I would have kept a vault of them! 

I collected fair amount of silver dollars, half dollars, and quarters.  All but one old Franklin half dollars are spent.  What does a 5 year old child know about money other than instantaneous gratification?  More than likely, I spent the silver coins on toys and candy. 

My 9 year old son is much wiser than I was at his age.  He spends most of his allowance and birthday money on silver coins.  He has a few American Silver Eagles, Kennedy 90% half dollars, silver bars, and other valuable silver pieces.  I have been teaching him to buy it on sale and to lock in the profits. 

We visit small banks and sort through coins with tellers who get a kick out of a little kid collecting coins.  On one such visit, he netted about 14 junk silver Kennedy half dollars.  Not a bad take for a Saturday afternoon.  His cost was only his time.  Now that is a bargain! 

In September of 2011, silver dipped below $29 an ounce.  Some people worried about a crash in the silver price.  I smiled and told my little son “Silver is on sale, so let’s buy!”  And buy junk silver we did.

Silver has been on sale all year despite all the world financial crises that abound.  European nations like Greece, Spain, Italy, and Portugal are facing bankruptcy and could default on their debt obligations.  Many nations, central banks (aka banking cartels), and the Federal Reserve have been manipulating the financial markets.  If you missed buying silver at deep discounted price levels, you can still get it on sale today if you act swiftly.

Do You Want To Save Money On Silver Bullion Coins Or Bars?

While I am writing this article, the spot price of silver has fallen in price to approximately the same amount that it was selling for a year ago. The market swings of 10-15% that we are seeing is caused by fear and greed. I cannot predict the future and I am not going to tell you that you will make money.

Needless to say, history will prove itself again and you can almost predict that silver is going to increase in value because it’s so rare. The United States dollar has been inflated with the addition of money added by the Federal Reserve.  Check your local numismatic (coin) stores for junk silver coins for sale and buy $100 face value to use a real money in case of hyperinflation. 

Junk silver are real 90% silver U.S coins .10, .25, .50, and 1.00 denominations.  They are portable, easy to store, and can be used as real money based on their silver content.

How To Store Your Own Stockpile Of  Precious Metals In A Dedicated Vault In Less than 6 minutes

Even if you know little or nothing about purchasing precious metals like gold bullion or silver coins, you can get all the assistance that you need from reputable companies like or  You can have your account opened in less than 5 minutes and have your purchased precious metal stored safely in a vault.  Both allow physical storage and delivery options. 

I think it is important to have part of your precious metals physically delivered to your home or safe house.  Personally, I feel better knowing that some or all of my silver bullion is near me when I need to get out of town fast.  In some instances, the storage of precious metals or other valuable assets may invite trouble from unruly people.  I have a lot of people searching how to buy silver in Philippines and it’s easy to do it through companies like as they offer physical storage and delivery.

This Is Why The Price Of Silver Should Soar In Price In Relation To The Price Of Gold

The commercial and industrial use of silver compared to gold is huge. Investment grade silver is not as abundant as investment grade gold. There is 3 times more investment grade gold on the world market than investment grade silver. You can see the industrial use of silver in the manufacturing of electronics, dentistry, and the photographic industry. Annually, there is 8 times more silver mined. Despite this much mining, most of the silver does not make it to the investment market because it is sold for industrial use.

Many investors understand that gold and silver and can preserve their wealth and yet don’t understand that silver can make one very wealthy because it is so rare. The appreciation of silver compared to gold has been a factor of 2 in the past decade. In other words, for every $1 dollar gain you had in gold profits, you would have received $2 in silver profits if you purchased equal dollar amounts of each metal.

Many of the thugs running Wall Street cannot hide the upward momentum in precious metals. The free market has determined that precious metals are in in bull market and no one is trying to hide this. With gold teetering around $1600 mark, purchasing silver for approximately $32 an ounce is much easier.

Why Fiat Currencies Will Be A Thing Of The Past

If you keep yourself up to date reading online financial news, you are bombarded daily with negative news about bail outs of nations and their currency crisis. Most Western nations have accumulated large amounts of debt with no way ever to repay the debt without defaulting.

To help ease the debt created by the United States, The Federal Reserve doubled the money supply using a method called quantitative easing (QE). For an in-depth definition of quantitative easing, visit Wikipedia. Many monetary analysts and investment experts agree that hyperinflation is going to shatter the United States economy in proportions that we have never imagined before.  This process cannot continue without it imploding from the inside.  There is only so much currency that a central bank can print without wrecking the savings of the people.

How is hyperinflation going to effect you? Gold and silver used to be the back bone of the U.S currency whereas now it’s backed by good faith (or lack of) of the United States Government. Your retirement portfolio will become worthless if it is a US dollar-based retirement account.

If you want some insurance against hyperinflation, then purchasing silver coins and gold bullion should be part of your financial planning. Both gold and silver have long been regarded as a reliable hedge against runaway inflation and are the only true money.