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How to Negotiate with Cash For Gold Companies

If you have never sold your unwanted gold before but are thinking about it, look out as it can be a tough time. It is very possible to leave any cash for gold place having a bad taste in your mouth after trying to sell some unwanted gold or jewelry. However, there are many great things you can try to ensure you are not ripped off and make sure that the whole process is a bit more to your liking. Ultimately, we are trying to get more money for our jewelry, therefore we must hone our bartering and negotiation skills. Keep in mind these quick tips in order to get as much as possible with the least amount of trouble:

In no way be afraid to leave the store. This advice is probably the most important to think about. Don’t be afraid to say no and merely walk out of the shop. Worst case it is easy to return and take their last offer. It is typically very difficult to do this when you are not familiar with negotiating, as it can be a nerve-wracking experience and you may often get worked up when there is a little bit of movement in price on their end. One of the best actions you can take in negotiating would be to walk away, so do not be afraid to do just that.

Do not settle for the very first location. Chances are there are dozens or more cash for gold locations in your city, a few of which are likely just around the corner, and they’re all willing to give you good money for your gold. Just search for local cash for gold halifax locations (or whatever your city is) prior to heading out to sell. Even if you are in a local community, chances are you still have three or four spots where you can sell your jewellery. Get quotes from as many businesses as you possibly can before letting go of your jewelry.

Be sure to voice the fact that you are shopping around at each location, as it could be used as a good negotiation tool. This might be exactly what is necessary to make them increase their price to what you are looking for.

Never become emotionally attached to your gold or jewelry. This is very important before even considering selling your jewelry. This will most certainly influence how well you negotiate along with the ultimate price you get for the piece. Look at the jewelry simply as a piece of gold, with a specific weight and karat rating, nothing more. This is a huge factor in not just increasing your chances of getting more money, but also feeling okay with letting it go.

It’s really stressful being forced to sell your old and unused gold or jewelry and it is never easy to be in a situation where you need the money right away. Adding that on top of trying to figure out where to sell gold, it can be a bit overwhelming. That said, it’s possible to get much more cash for your old jewelry than you might think when you follow the above steps. Make sure you are comfortable selling at the price you agree upon prior to ever committing to anything. The instant you agree to a sale, it is final. You can come back, but you likely can’t purchase a piece back after you sell it, so make sure you leave yourself a way out throughout the sales process.

Selling Your Gold: What to Know and Where to Go

Recently, the News Tribune, a daily newspaper based out of LaSalle, Illinois, conducted an experiment. Interested in the fact that gold traded as high as $1,900 per ounce just a few months ago, the reporters had a wedding band and dental crown appraised by local merchants. Both items were 14-karat gold, a long sought-after good.

Referring to the metal’s resurgence in popularity as the “21st century gold rush,” the newspaper was interested in their items’ value. In the midst of a poor economy, it is little surprise that jewelry owners might be looking through their armoires and dresser drawers to see if they have gold rings and necklaces that might fetch a decent price.

The News Tribune averaged an offer of $100 for the wedding band, which weighed 6.8 grams, and $30 for the 2.5-gram dental crown. A little extra footwork resulted in higher estimates, an opportunity that could have been lost had the sellers given up and accepted the lowest prices offered. The immediate lesson learned is that holding out for the best offer is likely a good idea.

Consumers who are struggling as a result of the country’s current economic climate may be looking to earn money quickly by selling their valuables, but it is best to search for the best deal available. Doing so will take extra time and effort, but the ownership of gold and the current buyer’s market go hand-in-hand.

A commodity such as gold will continue to be popular, but its’ value will continue to fluctuate. The News Tribune likely developed interest in selling their gold items given that the metal’s value has not risen above $800 for more than 40 years. Averaging twice that price as recently as early October, those with gold on hand – perhaps literally – may be reconsidering what items they want to keep in the family for future generations. When it comes to selling gold, consumers should keep the following in mind:

1. The value of gold increases when the market is unstable. A decline in worth is inevitable, so sell wisely.

2. Always sell to a reliable source. For example, merchants established as gold buyers Oklahoma City, such as jewelry stores, are far more trustworthy than drop-in centers whose flashy commercials hint at guaranteed wealth that may or may not materialize.

3. Be careful about selling gold by mail. Doing so generally means there is no chance to negotiate a higher price for items, leaving a seller potentially stuck with an offer that could have been beaten.

4. Research. Take the time to find a good deal. Given gold’s current value and the number of outlets interested in buying it, finding interested buyers who will offer a fair price shouldn’t be too difficult.

5. Don’t be afraid to ask questions of gold buyers. A reputable establishment should have no problem addressing concerns or queries.

While the News Tribune is hardly the first organization to conduct a gold-selling experiment, the results are still interesting to those who may be looking to make a little money on a piece of jewelry they’re no longer using. Armed with information about gold’s current value and how to secure the best deal when selling, perhaps this century’s answer to the gold rush will continue.