How to Have a Gold Selling Party

How to Have a Gold Selling Party

More and more online websites are offering gold selling kits and information on how to have a gold selling party. Of course one might think that men are the ones that are in charge of this money making venture, yet it’s the ladies who are really taking advantage of this opportunity. And why not?

For years women have been hosting various home parties and selling household goods, makeup and personal enhancement products to help make ends meet without having to leave their babies in the hands of a stranger. So it’s really no surprise that they would want to sell their unwanted gold jewelry, coins or bullion for the very same reason.

If a host wishes to do all of the work, the first step would be to contact a gold party company who provides services and kits for these types of parties. They should make sure that the kits include a weight scale and a test kit, which can determine if the gold jewelry is real and what carat it is – 10K , 14K, 18K. Sometimes a kit may even come with directions for hosting the parties.

If a little less work sounds more appealing there are some companies who offer full services and leave very little work for the host. In general guests would be supplied with an invitation to the home or other place of destination and the host may serve appetizers and/or drinks.

When a full service company is hired, an appraiser is often provided instead of a kit. The appraiser would then weigh and purchase the jewelry, coins or bullion brought by guests. Usually there are no extra fees for this type of service, making it an easier choice for many women and the host still profits by receiving a certain percentage of the total sales.

A few things to remember:

Unless you want a lot of strangers in your home, it’s probably better to play hostess in a rented location or keep the invitation list strictly with people you know and trust.

Remind friends that if the items they’re willing to sell have any sentimental value, it’s probably better to leave them at home. Otherwise they may later regret their decision to sell those items.

Having a gold selling party should be fun and relaxing, but you should also keep things professional. And remember; never force anyone to sell anything they don’t want to unless you want to lose a few friends in the end.

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