How to Sell Scrap Gold

How to Sell Scrap Gold

how to sell goldChances are if you’re reading this article, you’re looking for a way to make some extra money and if you’re like most, you may be wondering if you can how to sell scrap gold. Well, it’s possible if you know how.

Generally before you sell gold or silver, you want to do your homework. While you can make a bit of a cash from this type of selling, some gold pieces are worth far more than the scrap value.

Items that are usually scrapped include bent or broken gold  jewelry, simple wedding bands or other rings such as class rings that aren’t very valuable on their own, defective or damaged coins, dental crowns and bridgework, single earrings, nuggets, wire, watches and electronics.

These items are generally those that are not easily repairable.

Before you decide on a buyer, you should separate your items first. The easiest way to do this is by seperating them into piles of 10k, 14k, 18k and so forth. The next thing you’ll want to do is remove anything that may be of value to another buyer such as precious jewels or stones. This will also help give you a better idea of the weight of the pieces you do want to sell.

If possible, weigh your scrap gold so that you will have an idea of how much precious metal you have. You should try to use a digital scale when possible, that way you’ll know the exact amount you have.

Weighing your items will also assure that your buyer isn’t trying to pull a fast one when it comes to exactly how much you have.

Your next step should be to call around to area buyers who specialize in buying gold and ask them how much they would be willing to pay for your gold items.

If there are no local buyers in your area, try offering it to your local jewelry stores. Just keep in mind that they may only want jewelry that can be restored.

If there are no willing buyers in your area, you may want to consider placing a classified ad in you local paper to let potential buyers know what you are selling. Just be sure you have a good idea of the exact worth of the items before you accept just any offer.

Another option for selling your gold would be to use an online gold buyer who offers a special kit which generally includes a prepaid envelope and sometimes documents that will allow you to write out a description of every item you are sending them.

You should use caution when dealing with an online buyer, however. Some online buyers aren’t worth selling to if you don’t have a lot of scrap gold.

And finally, you should always remember that when you sell scrap gold, the price the buyer offers will more than likely change from one day to the next.

So be sure you get the price you were quoted in writing before you close the deal. And if all else fails, you could always try selling your scrap at auction either online or offline.

Learning how to sell scrap gold is pretty simple, just do a little research before you sell your gold.

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