How to Sell Your Gold

How to Sell Your Gold

If you need to sell your gold for cash, there are numerous ways to do so. For example, if you want to sell gold jewelry, you can take it to a jeweler who may be willing to give you as much as 80% of its market value if the piece is in excellent shape.

But if the piece is antique, you may want to think about taking it to an antique dealer instead. Or you could offer it up for auction locally or to an auction site like eBay if you really want a good price for it.

sell gold coinsIf you want to sell gold coins, a coin dealer is a good option if the value of your coins are worth enough. This was the option my father-in-law chose after he decided to cash in his 36 years worth of coin collection.

If the coins are extremely rare, you might consider offering them to a private collector who may be willing to pay their full worth. Or you can put them up for auction or see if an antique dealer would be interested in them if they’re old.

If you have broken pieces of gold jewelry or other items that can be melted down, you can sell broken gold as scrap and make a decent profit through a refiner either online or offline. If you choose to go with an online refiner, just beware that not every website you see claiming to buy gold is going to be legitimate. There are plenty of scammers willing to steal your valuables, so if the site looks fishy, chances are it’s probably a scam.

A good reference for an online gold buyer would be if they’re listed with the BBB. The same goes for offline refiners that advertise on television or in magazines. So always know the risks and protect yourself before you deal with these types of businesses.

Generally, when people want to sell gold for cash, local businesses are the best way to go. And if you think you’ve run out of options, the yellow pages in your local telephone directory is always a great place to start.

If you have coins, jewelry or pieces that may be of interest to individual collectors, flea markets and consignment shops are a great place when you have gold to sell. Just remember, both of these options will mostly likely have a commission fee you’ll need to pay, so you will want to include those fees into the price of your gold item. And try to find a shop that deals specifically in what you’re selling.

And keep in mind, no matter who you decide to make a deal with, before you do, go online and check the going rate for gold the day of your transaction. That way you’ll know whether or not the business is making a legitimate offer for your items.

Finally, don’t sell your gold items to any business that offers you cash without seeing the pieces first. Any business that is legitimate will always want to see what you have for sale so that they can examine it to know what it’s worth.

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