If You Want to Sell Gold, What Are Your Options?

Want to Sell Gold

If you’re familiar with the words gold rush, you’ve probably already found yourself excited about the idea of making some cash off of your old gold coins and jewelry or maybe you’ve consider investing in gold. But would you know where to go from there? If you want to sell gold, would you know what your options are?

At one time, the only places offering to buy your gold coins or gold jewelry were pawn shops and jewelry stores and if you had gold bullion it was nearly impossible to find a buyer.

Times have changed however and so have your options for selling gold. Many companies are now advertising to buy gold through television and there are gold selling sites where you can sell gold online . You can even host a private party to sell your gold.

Flip through any infomercial television station and you’re bound to run across someone offering to buy your gold. You should be aware however; most of these companies offering to buy your gold will generally give you a lower price than its current value.

Surf the web and you’ll find a growing number of companies offering to buy your gold coins and jewelry online. These online dealers usually send you a package containing an insured envelope and sometimes a merchandise form. If they don’t you should probably run the other way. If they do send a form be sure to make a copy for yourself and take photos of your items just in case there’s a problem.

If you’re familiar with online auctions sites, this might be the route to go if you’re hoping to sell your gold for a specific price. Auction sites can sometimes attract buyers who are willing to bid on your asking price. And in most cases you’re in control of how you want to sell your items.

Private parties are the latest way to cash in on some extra money by attending a party and having your gold jewelry appraised and purchased on the spot. However, these types are parties aren’t always the best option since you may not get as much money as you may from some other sources.

Of course as with any company, always do your research. With the sudden high rise in the price of gold, many companies are taking advantage. One of the best ways to find out if a company you want to sell gold to is legit is by checking to see if they are registered with the Better Business Bureau and if they have any complaints on file. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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