How Can I Sell My Scrap Gold?

Sell My Scrap Gold

“I want to sell my scrap gold, but I don’t know how to get started.” If you’re looking for a way to make some extra money selling your gold, and if you’re like most of us, you may be wondering just how do you get started. Well, here’s how to sell scrap gold.

When you’re trying to sell gold, the first thing you want to do is your homework. Most gold items that are generally scrapped include broken or bent gold jewelry, old wedding bands from previous marriages, or other simple rings that wouldn’t be of much value on their own, damaged or defective gold coins, dental pieces, single earrings, nuggets, wire, watches and some electronics.

Your next step will be to separate your items. The easiest way to do this is to separate them into piles of 10k, 14k and 18k. If you’re not sure how to determine a 10k piece from an 18k piece, you can generally find it engraved somewhere on the item if it’s real gold.

Next, remove anything that is not made of the precious metal, but may be of value to another buyer such as jewels or stones. Doing this will also help give you a good idea of how much the gold pieces will really weigh so you’ll have a good idea of their worth.

Now you should weight your scrap gold so you have an idea of their worth. You’ll want to use a digital scale in order to know the exact amount you have. Weighing your items will also give you the reassurance that the buyer of your items won’t try to cheat you out of money from the weigh-in.

Next, you’ll want to call around your hometown to find out what businesses buy and sell gold locally and ask them how much they‘re willing to pay for what you have.

If you can’t find anyone to sell your gold to in your area, you could try placing a classified ad in your local newspaper to let potential gold buyers know what you’re selling. Just make sure you keep track of your items’ value on the market so you know their exact worth before you accept just any offer that comes your way.

Another great option that you could use to sell scrap gold is to go to an online buyer who specializes in kits, which generally includes a prepaid envelope and sometimes documents that let you to write out a description of every item you are sending to them. Keep in mind that not every online buyer is trustworthy, so do your research before you go with just anyone.

Finally, always keep in mind that the price of gold will change on a daily basis. So before you close the deal, try to get the price you were quoted in writing before you hand over your items and tell them. “I want to sell my scrap gold.” Otherwise, you may find yourself ending up with a lot less than you had anticipated.

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