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Sell Gold for Cash

Sell Gold

sell goldGold has fascinated man since the beginning of time. Heaven’s streets are supposedly paved with gold and wars have been fought over it.

In today’s tough economic times, you might find that you want to sell gold in your possession to pay a mortgage or car payment – or even finance that vacation you never seem to have the money for.

Selling gold has never been easier. Online sites can point you to step-by-step instructions on how to sell scrap gold, including selecting the best method and price.

Many of us have old gold jewelry from defunct relationships that we just don’t wear or want anymore. Why not sell that old gold and do something you really want or need with the cash?

Scrap gold isn’t only found in jewelry. Other places to look are:

Gold bullion and gold coins; gold flake; gold dust and sweeps; dental crowns and bridgework; gold screen or mesh; gold shot and solder; gold sponge; polishing and buffing dust; nuggets; computer mother boards; old cell phones; gold plated connectors.

As you can see, there are many more places to look for gold than simply your jewelry box. And, it doesn’t matter what condition the gold is in – it can be restored and reused. Virtually all of the gold that has ever been mined is still around because it lasts forever.

After you’ve completed your hunt for gold, call a local gold dealer or look online for information about how to get a gold-selling kit. You’ll fill out the form describing the gold (be sure to make a photo copy of the form before sending it), place it in the envelope and take or send it to the gold dealer.

The dealer will probably pay you 10 to 20 per cent less than the current price of gold – that’s a fee for the handling, assessment and processing of the gold. Price varies from merchant to merchant, so do your research to find out what’s the best price you can get before you sell your gold.

Selling unwanted gold can get you back on a more secure financial track and may be a path you’ve never thought of before. You can even have fun while you’re doing it and invite family, friends and neighbors to a festive gold selling party.

There’s lots of information online about how to get your party together and it can be profitable and fun for all.

Remember that the price of gold changes from day to day as the market fluctuates, so when you’re ready and want to sell gold, make sure you know what the going rate is.

When you make contact with a local gold dealer or an online website, you should get an information kit that will tell you all you need to know about how to sell scrap gold.

Then, you can make an educated decision about how and when you want to sell gold – and get the best price you can for your efforts.


Where to Sell Gold – Three Places to Sell Your Gold for Cash

Where to Sell Gold

sell goldDo you know where to sell gold for extra cash? You should find out because gold is a hot seller right now. That old gold jewelry cluttering your jewelry box is worth money.

Selling scrap gold is a great way to pad your pockets. Gold is always in demand. Even when the economy is not doing well, you can make money by selling unwanted gold. There’s always someone willing and able to buy what you have.

This is great news, but there’s a catch. You have to shop around for the best deal. Some gold buyers will not offer you a fair price. They might try to cheat you out of what you really deserve. That’s why you need a list of places to sell your gold. As long as you have options, you can get multiple price quotes.

Here’s a list to get you started.

1. Local Pawn Shop. The pawn shop is the first place most people go when they want to sell gold. It’s certainly the best place to go if you’re desperate for quick money.

The downside is the pawn shop owner will try to pay you as little as possible. The owner needs to turn a profit. And that means getting your gold for the smallest price possible.

Get your gold appraised before going to the pawn shop. An appraiser can give you an idea about the worth of your gold. You might even get lucky and have the appraiser offer to buy from you. Another thing to realize is the appraisal value almost has nothing to do with what you’ll actually get.

Pawn shops do not buy items at appraisal value. You could go in with a bracelet that’s worth $1500. The pawn shop owner definitely will not pay you that much. As mentioned earlier, the pawn shop has to make a profit. The owner has to buy the bracelet for less so they can sell it for more.

You should only sell to a pawn shop when you need the money immediately. You won’t get full value, but you will walk out of the store with cash in your pocket.

2. Online Auction. Online auction sites such as eBay provide a venue for selling unwanted gold. Before putting your goods up for auction, you need to get it appraised. Take the appraisal value into account when posting your auction.

eBay allows you to set a reserve price. A reserve price is the lowest amount you’re willing to accept. Consider the $1500 bracelet from the first example.

You could put the bracelet up for auction, and set the reserve at $1500.  That means you will not accept anything less than that amount. However, bidders can still bid the price up beyond what you’re asking.

Getting More Information

Finding out where to sell gold locally is as easy as going online or picking up your phone book. You might also want to check into one of those companies that purchase gold through the mail. Whatever you decide, make sure you’re dealing with a reputable business.