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The Sell Gold Silver Era

Sell Gold Silver

If you want to sell gold or silver, you may be surprised to learn that even though both metals are at a record level price, a lot of people are still waiting it out as much as they can before they cash in. And with the economy still in shambles, many people believe that the price of both metals will continue to soar as the dollar bill continues to drop.

And with prices going up in mortgage rates, taxes and so forth, many consumers are holding out for the price of the metals to increase as well. Those who sell gold and silver know that its history shows 30 years of increasing value and because both metals are secure verses the dollar bill, it’s seen as the perfect investment by those who are buying and selling gold and it’s counterpart.

As far back as man can remember people have sought out both metals simply because of their scarcity. And while both are certainly rare, more and more of us have sought to sell gold the most. People want it. The world wants it. And someday the precious metal may very well be the only real source of real money for our country, since we’re currently hanging by a very thin thread with paper currency.

We’ve borrowed so much from other countries that we’ve exhausted our sources. We are so far in debt that there’s very little hope that we’ll ever get out. And sooner or later it’s a very real possibility that our paper currency may be worthless.

Yet, if you have gold to sell, your chances of separating yourself from being a part of our country’s debt is very good. Before you make a decision on how to sell gold however, you need to understand just how much the precious metal is worth.

The first thing you need to do is separate your valuables into piles. Place coins in one pile, jewelry in another pile and so forth. And don’t forget that while it’s obvious that you can sell gold coins and gold jewelry, it’s also possible to sell scrap gold. If you’re unsure what should be considered scrap, items that are broken, damaged or in very bad condition will generally fall into this category.

Next you’ll need to decide how much of the precious metal is in each item. And while it’s easy enough to determine this in jewelry by knowing its karat, if you have items that are antique and unmarked, you may need a professional appraiser to help you decide how much your item is worth.

Once you know the karat of each item, you’ll want to use a digital scale to weigh each pile and then note the weight in ounces.

Then you’ll need to look up the spot price of the precious metal the same day you plan to sell your gold or silver. You’ll then need to take the spot price and multiply it by how many ounces of the precious metal you’re selling.

Then you need to decide where to sell your gold. Where you sell it will depend on the items you have. For example if you’re going to sell gold jewelry, you might want to take it to a jeweler, but if you’re selling gold coins, you’d want to take it to a coin dealer. Or if you plan to sell gold or silver scrap, you’ll want to find a buy sell gold and silver online or local dealer to sell it to.