The 4 Cs of Diamond Terminology

Diamond Terminology

If you are planning on buying a diamond for someone it is imperative that you learn about the 4 Cs of diamond terminology. Once you are done reading this article you will have a clear understanding of what each term stands for and how to make a good decision when browsing for a diamond to purchase.

The following are the 4 Cs of diamond terminology: cut, carat, clarity, and color.

The cut of a diamond is what gives the diamond shape. It is imperative that you find a professional diamond cutter to cut your diamonds. The cut on a diamond should be designed in a way to increase reflectivity. In other words, a good cut will give the diamond the ability to reflect light beautifully.

The carat is the standard unit of measurement for any precious metal or stone. One carat is equal to 200 milligrams. In general, the higher the number of carats the larger the diamond will be. In most jewelry stores you can buy diamonds according to their corresponding number of carats.

The clarity of a diamond is the term used to describe how corrupt a diamond is. In general, when a diamond is mined it is examined closely and categorized according to the number of flaws it contains. If it contains a lot of flaws the diamond will not be cut or used in jewelry but rather used in other commercial products.

A diamond can be found in a wide variety of different colors. The colors are brought on by various mixtures of carbon and other gases that compress into the diamond over time. The rarest natural color for a diamond is red – red diamonds are very expensive. Blue and pink diamonds are also expensive but cheaper than red diamonds. White and grey diamonds tend to be the cheapest type of diamonds on the market.

So now you should have a good understanding of what each of the Cs represents.

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