Where to Sell Gold Jewelry

Where to Sell Gold Jewelry

where to sell gold jewelryTimes are tough and with the economy becoming even worse you may be considering parting with some of your old jewelry. If so, you may also be wondering where you can sell gold jewelry.

Many people may suggest that you visit a pawn shop. This should be your very last stop however, since most pawnbrokers aren’t willing to give you top dollar for your gold items. And if you’ve ever stepped foot inside of a pawn shop you’ll know why. Practically everyone wants to pawn their items, so this creates a lot of risks and these guys just want to make as much money as they can.

If you have a local jewelry store, you may want to check with them to see if they would be willing to buy your items. Although they might not give you top dollar for your pieces, they will probably be able to offer you a lot more than a pawn shop would.

If you don’t know of a jewelry store in your area you can try asking family or friends if they know of one in their area that is reputable. If you’re planning a trip to their area, it might be worth the visit since you’ll be in the area anyway.

If you’re a night owl you may have noticed that there are quite a few gold buying infomercials offering to buy your gold, however you should be cautious when you’re dealing with these types of companies and check them out before you sell gold to them.

Unless you know that they are reputable from friends or family, you’re probably better off elsewhere unless you want to risk the possibility of never getting your money.

If you’re hoping for a little more than market value for your gold, you may want to consider putting your items up for auction. Keep in mind however; that auction sites both on and offline do charge a fee, so unless your pieces are extremely valuable, you’re probably better off selling them to a dealer.

If you know of a private individual who would be interested in what you have for sale, this might be an ideal way of selling your gold and is also an easy way to avoid any fees. However, if the individual isn’t familiar with the current value of your items, he or she may not be willing to pay you full price either.

Other resources you may want to consider when trying to sell gold jewelry are classified ads both online and offline, social networking sites, online lists that allow you to post without a fee or your own website or blog.

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